Below, you'll find some examples of work I've done throughout my career, with links in the title to check out the full project if you're interested!

The Curriculum Center at George Mason University Libraries is a repository of library instruction lesson plans from library instructors at the institution. It serves as a central place to share new lesson plan ideas and to get new ideas. Lesson plans are open to the public with Creative Commons licenses.

As a part of HE 721: History of Higher Education, a course I took in my PhD in Education at George Mason, I created this asynchronous learning activity to outline the ways that for-profit institutions have evolved over time! The site combines interactive elements, a role-playing scenario, and engaging with primary sources to tell the story of these institutions over time.

As a part of HE 703: Higher Education in the Digital Age, another course I took towards my PhD in Education at George Mason, I created this interactive fiction game to be used in the classroom. The site contains a link to the game itself, plus ideas to implement the game in the classroom.